Spelling Sparrows


“There is limited high-quality evidence of how to teach spelling, but it is clear that spelling should be actively taught rather than simply tested”  EEF 2017

Spelling remains a priority in our school.  The attached spelling diagnostics have been created to be used in conjunction with teaching the spelling patterns and lots of discussion around language and vocabulary.

I have uploaded the first diagnostics for Years 1-4. Y5-6 need tweaking before I’m happy to publish them… a half term job.

They are initially dictated and used as a diagnostic at the beginning of the year for assessment and to inform planning then repeated half-termly.

Teachers have found creative ways of using them throughout the year. If you decide to use them I’d love to hear back from you as to how they have been used in your classes / school.

@VerbivoreTeach teach has kindly offered to host them on his website. There are others that I’ll release later in the year.

Year 1 Spelling Diagnostic HG

Year 2 Spelling Diagnostic HG

Year 3 Spelling Diagnostic HG

Year 4 Spelling Diagnostic HG

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